Game Farm

 Dry Hollow Ranch

Shooting Preserve and Game Bird Farm
near Pomeroy, Washington

Ring-necked Pheasants, Bobwhite Quail and Chukar Partridge
  Hunting Season runs September through May

Dog training birds released year round on request 

No limit on our game farm birds 
No Hunting License required.

The Ranch offers quality bird habitat for our hunts.  Land that was once farmed has been developed into premier cover, habitat feed plots, and watering areas. In addition to continual efforts to revive and nurture natural bird populations through improved habitat, Dry Hollow Ranch also releases mature, fast flying birds for hunters interested in a more “sure thing.”  Restocked Birds make a great way to train young hunters and pups! 
We also have terrain for senior and physically challenged hunters available. 
If your gun-dog needs a good workout before the general season, or
if you like to keep him “tuned” our hard flying Upland birds should do the trick.  
Purchase some of our colorful birds released in challenging cover to help
fill the game bag and your spirits. 

One of our pheasant flight pens.  
These birds are not crowed,
human contact is minimal, and we raise them to be wild!
Raising birds this way creates explosive , naturally strong flyers.  

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Member NAGA (North American Gamebird Association), VDD- Group North America

 2005 Game Bird Prices, mix-n-match
*3 Pheasant roosters$75
6 Pheasant roosters$140
12  Pheasant roosters$265
over 12 Pheasant roosters$21 per bird
*6 (Bobwhite or Valley) Quail$45     Temporarily sold out of quail until further notice
12  Quail$84
over 12  Quail$6.50 per bird
*3 Chukar Partridge$45
6 Chukar Partridge$86
12 Chukar Partridge$168
over 12 Chukar Partridge$13.50 per bird
#1 Hunt Assortment:
6 pheasant roosters, 12 quail, 6 chukar partridge
NEW #2 Harvest Package:
10 pheasant roosters, 12 chukar partridge
* Denotes required minimum bird release per hunt (members excluded from minimum)

There is no hidden “day use” fees to hunt the Ranch.  Purchase birds and hunt all day!Bi-Annual MEMBERSHIP
Membership is not required to “day hunt” Dry Hollow Ranch.  However, membership has several benefits worth mentioning.  How does it work?
Member is allowed 1,000 bird “points” banked.  Each species of birds are given a point value (Pheasant roosters=20, Pheasant hen=9, Chukar Partridge=13, bobwhite quail=6)
Mix-N-Match at your request. 
Member reserves hunt days, and Ranch releases specified birds in the field to “sweeten the pot” for hunting or holds birds for member to use for pup training.  Member can also hunt Ranch “scratch” birds (previously released) at any time on hunts (all scratch birds are discounted points which are posted in the office).
All accommodation or RV hookup is discounted to members.
Member has up to 2 years to use all “points”. 
Unlimited Guests allowed on hunts (member must be present).  *
Free use of dog kennels on hunting trips.
Membership cost is $1,000 + tax.  (1 – 2- or 4 payments)
*Shared  membership is fine, but one person must be designated and is required to be present for all hunts.

Deluxe Guided HuntsNO Bird Dog? No Problem!  Our Deluxe Hunt provides a guide and dog to accompany your party, plus help clean your birds at the end of the day. 
Maximum of 3 gunners per guide (to assure quality dog work). 
Guide & dog fee per full day                            $100
                          per 1/2 day  (4 hours max.)    $  60
You decide how many birds will be released on hunt day. (bird purchase cost is additional)  We do the rest!  Enjoy!!

Remember to bring…

  • Gun & Shells
  • Shell Vest, Blaze Orange if more than one hunter.  We have “loaners” at the Ranch
  • Shooting/Sun Glasses
  • Warm Clothing (if it is late fall or winter)
  • Plastic Freezer bags for birds
  • Ice Chest for transporting bagged birds home
  • Food & beverages for you and your dog